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Manufactured Parts List:
Short bushings  $35.00pair +install
New Rebuild on Wheel (hubs, spokes & bushings)  $350.00 each
Rebuilt Trashmaster Heavy Duty Weeders
New Complete Wheel  $490.00 each
Trashmaster style new complete wheel & Trail Wheel.
New Trail Wheel (solid shaft 1" + bearing conversion) $180.00 each
New 9' Square Axle $290.00 each
Axle Flange $90.00 each
New Round Axle $290.00 each
Rear Wheel Pivot Conversion $110.00 each
Weld on Replacement axle ends $69.00 each
Trail Wheel Yokes $85.00 each
Axle Hangers $67.00 each
International, John Deere and Calkins $650.00 each
Original International & John Deere Gear Box $330.00 each
International Weeder Drive Box
1" Square Weeder Rods $11.50 per foot
Gooseneck Points $40.00 each
Axle Drive Sprockets $40.00 each
Calkins Idler Sprockets $80.00 each
Calkins Hydraulic lift cylinder conversion $250.00 each
Hydraulic conversion calkins weeders
 and Dual chain drive box.
Rod Weeder Welding $60.00 per rod

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